DOGTOWN BIG FOOT ENAMEL PIN - Limited Edition Collectible

Jun 4, 2022

Shop the Dogtown Big Foot Enamel Pin at Desert Rose Apparel and take your love for street culture and skateboarding to the next level. This limited edition pin, inspired by the legendary Dogtown skateboard crew, is a must-have for all enthusiasts and collectors. Add some style and personality to your outfit with this unique accessory.

High-Quality Design

The Dogtown Big Foot Enamel Pin is meticulously crafted with attention to detail. Each pin is made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting quality. The design captures the essence of the iconic Dogtown crew, showcasing their rebellious spirit and commitment to the skateboarding culture.

Featuring a bold and striking look, the pin is the perfect addition to any jacket, hat, or backpack. Its vibrant colors and intricate design make it a standout accessory that will grab attention wherever you go.

Limited Edition Collectible

This pin is part of a limited edition collection and is highly sought after by collectors worldwide. With only a limited number of pins available, owning one is a testament to your love for skateboarding history and culture.

Each pin comes with a unique serial number, adding to its exclusivity and collectibility. Whether you're a hardcore skateboarder or a passionate collector, this pin is a must-add to your collection.

Unleash Your Passion

When you wear the Dogtown Big Foot Enamel Pin, you showcase your love and passion for street culture and skateboarding. It serves as a statement piece that embodies the rebellious and fearless attitude of the Dogtown crew.

Whether you're at the skate park or hitting the streets, this pin becomes an extension of your personality. It symbolizes your connection to a rich history of skateboarding and streetwear, making it a powerful accessory to express your individuality.

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Rabbie Syantan
Cool pin!
Oct 14, 2023